Monday, March 25, 2013

Rustic Pine Cone and Needle Wrought Iron Door Grille

One of our all time favorite builders, Ricky Parker, who does a lot of very well built homes around Henderson, TX., sent over a fabulous design duo - Jerri Spivey and Kristal McNew- for a very special project.

The design goal was to echo the rustic beauty of The Piney Woods of East Texas in the amazing detail of the metal work, while still allowing for a generous view of nature itself through the glass.

J and K Designs is made up of the design team, Jerri Spivey and Kristal McNew.  Together, they offer superb interior design services ranging from the blueprint stage through the final decor.

About a year before, we had built a gorgeous three tier pine cone and needle wrought iron chandelier, which happened to also be a fandelier for one of Ricky's clients;  Jerri and Kristal just so happened to have a similar idea for their current client's home.  This time, the pine cones and needles would serve in adorning two pairs of exterior doors.  We went back and forth on how much of the grille should be open to view the beautiful scenery around the home and finally settled on a design very similar to what the girls had pictured.

Every single piece of metal on the grilles is hand forged, every pine cone is put together from several layers of metal, and everything including the textures is hammered in right here at our Dallas shop, where Potter Art Metal has resided for almost a century.  Even the grille hinges are custom designed to fit the look we were going for.

I honestly don't think that the photos do these door grilles justice, and Jerri and Kristal seem to agree: "Photos just don't do them justice-they are beyond fabulous!  You are so talented, and it was a pleasure working with you on this project." (Thanks girls!  I loved working with you as well!)
As always with our work, you really have to experience the fine hand worked detail first hand.  We take our metalwork very seriously (smily face.)

written by: Izabela Wojcik