Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wrought Iron Tree Gates

Another one of my designs we forged out right here
at Potter Art Metal Studios in Dallas, Tx.
A lot of our clients are looking for something unusual, but they have no idea where or how to get what they want.  I recently had a client who has been looking for someone to design and make a tree gate, but all she kept finding is metal shops where she'd be given a bunch of catalogs to look through and piece together what she wanted.  Almost all of the ironwork shops out there buy off the shelf materials and splice them together; this is why you can alway tell which metalwork comes right off the shelf.  We actually like to start from scratch and forge out what ever is necessary for the completion of a design, no matter how complicated.  The tree gate was actually sort of a funny story, because we just finished working on the tree gates pictured above, so she had something to look at and get inspired by right here in our showroom... on top of all the other pieces and textures we make and have in house that is.  The texture of the tree is very realistic, and hammered out by hand; makes for an impressive functional work of art.

Wrought Iron tree gate I designed for one of our clients.

We can design and forge out your custom wrought iron gates in any material, size and style.  We are located in Dallas, Texas and have clients all over the country, so installation is not a problem.  Potter Art Metal Studios is a fully functional design and custom metalwork fabricating studio.

written by: Izabela Wojcik