Wednesday, October 27, 2010

About City Living Tour

Richard and I went to The House at Victory Park tonight, where the Dallas Symphony Orchestra League was proud to present the City Living Tour.  It was a designer show-house in a high rise setting.  All of the pent houses on the 18th floor were on display... fully finished by local designers.  We had a great time checking out what's new and hot in the design world.
Here are all the fabulous designers who worked on the About City Living Tour... many of them we have worked or are currently working with so it was extra fun spending time with them.
Check out whose work was on display:
Amy Thomasson, April Warner, Catherine Dolen, Charlotte Comer, David Cadwallader, Jaynelle T. Ip, Jessica Savage, Joanie Wyll, John, John Holstead, Julie Reynolds, Kathy Adcock-Smith, Kay Trout, Linda Fritschy, Margaret Chambers, Meri-Kay Star, Michelle Meredith, Peggy Zadina, Rhonda Vandiver White, Richard Trimble and a special presentation by Dwell with Dignity.
Click on the photo above to check out the amazing view from The House at Victory Park in Dallas Texas!

written by: Izabela Wojcik

The Gent's Place Art Nouveau Fandelier

This is the first fandelier I designed for Potter Art Metal Studios. It's hanging at the Gent's Place, wich is; membership based men's grooming and lifestyle club in Frisco, TX... The Gent's Place;quite simply put: "...provides the good life to discerning gentlemen. We created awesome antique copper lily flower candle cups for this fixture, it also boasts of lush hand forged Art Nouveau scrolls at the sides and bottom of the light fixture / fan enclosure. This is what makes custom metalwork so great! I can think of it and the guys will make it! Makes me want to sneak in, get a manicure (not like the boys call it that,) sit back and enjoy the view!

written by: Izabela Wojcik

Friday, October 22, 2010

Texas Society of Architects Award

Double happiness today! We got a really nice letter from Joe Buskuhl, president of the Dallas chapter of AIA:

written by: Izabela Wojcik

Samuel Yellin Lights

We are so excited today!  We finally got the Samuel Yellin light fixtures in!!!  We'll be converting them into gas fixtures and adding really cool dragon head brackets to them... no easy task in general, but these are super special on top of it.  I'm so glad Project Dynamics trusted us with these... they're such a treasure! (and he's Polish... just like me!)

In case you didn't know who Samuel Yellin was, here is a little wiki read:

"American master blacksmith, was born in Galicia Poland where at the age of eleven he was apprenticed to an iron master. By the age of sixteen had had completed his apprenticeship. During that period he gained the nickname of "Devil", both for his work habits and his sense of humor. Shortly after this he left Poland, traveling through Europe to England, where, in 1906, he departed for America. By 1907 he was taking classes at the Philadelphia Museum School of Industrial Art and within a year was teaching classes there, a position that he maintained until 1919.
In 1909 he opened his own shop and in 1915 the firm of Mellor, Meigs and Howe, for whom he designed and created many commissions, designed Yellin a new studio at 5520 Arch Street in Philadelphia where he was to remain until his death in 1940. The building continued to act as a functioning business under Yellin’s son Harvey’s direction. After his demise it served as the Samuel Yellin Museum.
During the building boom of the 1920s Yellin’s studio employed as many as 250 workers, many of them European artisans. Although Yellin appreciated traditional craftsmanship and design, he always championed creativity and the development of new designs. He was no slave to the past. Samuel Yellin’s handiwork can be found on some of the finest buildings in America."

written by: Izabela Wojcik

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Check Us Out In FD Luxe Today

So we made FD Luxe Today! Yeaaa!  Below is the full article.  You can also click on the photo.

Local color

For the detail-obsessed there's no better place to turn for house jewelry then Potter Art Metal Studios (
Celebrating its 90th anniversary this year, the fourth-generation-owned metal studio hasn't changed much in the way it hand-forges sconces, gates and chandeliers, save for moving from its home on Henderson Avenue to bigger digs near the Design District in 2007.  The family tradition was passed to owner Richard Potter Jr. (his triplets work alongside him every summer), who remains deeply dedicated to the craft of custom-only pieces for clients.  The heirloom designs are so deeply woven into the fabric of Dallas that they turn up in both amazing variety and vast in different neighborhoods - cinematic swirls of stair railing in Lakewood, painstakingly detailed iron gates in Highland Park and intricate light fixtures in Fair Park.  Guests of the 37th annual Cattle Baron's Ball on Oct. 9 will have a chance to bid on a bespoke vineyard-inspired chandelier (left) from the lauded metal studios as part of the evening's fundraising auction.

(A little PS. This is really neat.  There is an article on the next page, The fabulous Baker reborn, which talks about the 80 year old Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells which is going to be renovated.  Anyway, they talk about the Stoneigh Hotel in Dallas which was also renovated by Jeff Trigger... so the neat part is that Richard's grandfather originally did the metalwork for it and the Baker Hotel in Dallas (not sure about the Mineral Wells one)... and we recently re-furbished the Stoneligh Hotel Metalwork and added another stair rail section to it.  Just a bit of neat!)