Friday, October 22, 2010

Samuel Yellin Lights

We are so excited today!  We finally got the Samuel Yellin light fixtures in!!!  We'll be converting them into gas fixtures and adding really cool dragon head brackets to them... no easy task in general, but these are super special on top of it.  I'm so glad Project Dynamics trusted us with these... they're such a treasure! (and he's Polish... just like me!)

In case you didn't know who Samuel Yellin was, here is a little wiki read:

"American master blacksmith, was born in Galicia Poland where at the age of eleven he was apprenticed to an iron master. By the age of sixteen had had completed his apprenticeship. During that period he gained the nickname of "Devil", both for his work habits and his sense of humor. Shortly after this he left Poland, traveling through Europe to England, where, in 1906, he departed for America. By 1907 he was taking classes at the Philadelphia Museum School of Industrial Art and within a year was teaching classes there, a position that he maintained until 1919.
In 1909 he opened his own shop and in 1915 the firm of Mellor, Meigs and Howe, for whom he designed and created many commissions, designed Yellin a new studio at 5520 Arch Street in Philadelphia where he was to remain until his death in 1940. The building continued to act as a functioning business under Yellin’s son Harvey’s direction. After his demise it served as the Samuel Yellin Museum.
During the building boom of the 1920s Yellin’s studio employed as many as 250 workers, many of them European artisans. Although Yellin appreciated traditional craftsmanship and design, he always championed creativity and the development of new designs. He was no slave to the past. Samuel Yellin’s handiwork can be found on some of the finest buildings in America."

written by: Izabela Wojcik