Thursday, July 11, 2013

Whimsy Dragonfly Walk Gates - It's all about the organic look!

I have always loved designing organic pieces of ornamental metalwork and lighting, especially of the whimsy variety; just because it's so much fun! when my White Rock Elementary School Teacher, alongside her landscape designer Alison M. Betz, waltzed in through our doors asking for two little organic style walk gates, I was over the moon!  (for all the reasons mentioned above, and more)
I have not seen her in sooo many years, yet she recognized me right away... I was shocked!  It was one of the most memorable moments ever!

We looked through our books and she pointed to a design she really liked.  I took the components she was absolutely in love with and designed exactly what she was looking for.  In the creation of the design, I had to keep in mind that her two adorable powder puffs (she has two beautiful Bichon FrisĂ© girls) could't practice at their escape artist ways, so I added plenty of scrolls toward the bottoms of the gates.  The bushes will actually grow taller and cable wire will be stretched between the two gates so that the pups can't escape.   We then decided that a dragonfly would be a perfect addition to the wrought iron gate design, and she asked if the wings could be made of glass.  I also added a cute little bug wondering around one of the stems.

And voilĂ !  A whimsy design full of organic wonder was born!

written by:  Izabela Wojcik
Your personal ornamental metalwork and lighting designer
at Potter Art Metal Studios in Dallas, TX.