Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Vin Villa: Small Decorative Fireplace Hoods

These decorative fireplace hoods are going to be placed on both openings of a fireplace at Vin Villa; the oldest winery in North America.  Vin Villa is located on Pelee Island, Canada; in the Western Basin of Lake Erie, just above the Canadian-American border.  The winery being transformed into an international fund rising facility & beautiful place for business retreats.  We also designed and hand forged the winery doors, beautiful grapevine hinges, along with the sconces on the side panels.  But the most elaborate thing we forged was a  37' long grapevine chandelier over a 35' long solid oak table.  The vines were creeping down the stone, arched, ceiling... twisting down into 5 separate chandeliers over the table; spectacular.  But that's another post.

written by: Izabela Wojcik

Monday, March 29, 2010

Art Deco Chandelier: solid brass with alabaster shades

I designed this chandelier to match the Art Deco sconces (one of the previous posts;) it's all custom of course, all solid brass with Italian alabaster shades.  It's super unusual, beautifully hand crafted and I've been told by several designes that it is "so Architectural Digest."  It's another one of these pieces you just have to see for yourself in person; it's a knockout.

written by: Izabela Wojcik

Friday, March 19, 2010

Without the Fuss: fireplace screen

One of our clients wanted an airy and pretty custom fireplace screen, but without all that fuss everywhere...
The design-work on this one lets her see the fire without any obstructions. The really neat thing about this screen is that it will fit into many different types of homes too. It's entirely hand wrought in iron.

written by: Izabela Wojcik

Monday, March 8, 2010

A breeze of cool air in your gazebo...

This is one of our wrought fan enclosures being worked on...it's about 90% finished... the client wanted the first letter of each of the family member's names designed into the piece. We put the letters among the scroll work... it's one of these neat little things you can do to have a conversation piece in your gazebo... a lovely traditional design with a hint of "WOW... is that what I think it is?"

written by: Izabela Wojcik

Friday, March 5, 2010

Pine Tree Stair Rail

We are super excited about a new project we are starting; it's going to be an extremely cool stair rail. The newel post at the bottom will look like a trunk of a pine tree; wrapping its roots around the 1st tread... then the branches will start flowing up the entire stair rail. This is just a small piece of it; we are trying to work out the textures and so on. We are hand forging all of the pine cones and the pine needle bunches (with little baby pine cones inside them.)
I will take pictures of the project as it moves along and post them on here... can't wait!

written by: Izabela Wojcik

Contemporary Slinky Chandelier

sWe made this contemporary in feel, slinky chandelier, for Alana at Dallas Design Group; it covers 3 floors; 1st, 2nd, and basement. The contemporary style candles are not installed yet, but it's going to look magical once that happens. I'll make sure to re-post the photo once I get the finished project pic.

written by: Izabela Wojcik

Classic Look / Clean Look

You can have both... This is a wrought iron pendant with solid brass leaves we designed for one of our clients. She wanted something with a classic feel but at the same time she wanted to keep the look of her home very clean.

written by: Izabela Wojcik

Ever heard of a ceiling fan enclosure?

We have been creating them for years; our clients simply adore the idea. How about a contemporary style ceiling fan enclosure? Most people love the idea of a ceiling fan, but hate the way they look; a fan like this solves all the issues, plus we can build it to any look, size, etc.

written by: Izabela Wojcik

Adorn your garage doors with wrought iron hinges:

Going from ordinary to something special; start with the simple little tings you can do, like dressing up your garage with hinge straps or faux door knockers. It's inexpensive, relatively speaking, but it sure changes the look of things. We also made the light fixture over the garage. These changes took this particular client's home to a whole new level; from traditional to a taste of the Mediterranean.

written by: Izabela Wojcik

Dress up your Sub-Zero

Dress up your Sub-Zero with awesome wrought iron pulls:

written by: Izabela Wojcik

University Park Antique Fixture Restoration

Potter Art Metal Studios also restores antique light fixtures as well as other metalwork. We knew exactly what gem was under that old fixture when we started working on it... and now so does everyone else; it's back to its original glory at the University Park courtroom chambers.

written by: Izabela Wojcik

Art Deco Sconce: solid brass with alabaster shade

This is a sconce I'm super proud of; I designed it for Kathy & Lee Hatcher (for one of their clients... there is also a chandelier to match, which is being built right now)... It's all solid brass, all hand made of course to a custom size. What is even more special about this one is that we ordered chunks of alabaster from Italy and turned the shades ourselves, right here at Potter Art Metal Studios... never thought we'd be doing that; but if you can't find something, you have to get creative. We also are currently turning our own alabaster candle covers; exciting!

written by: Izabela Wojcik

Christ The King church metalwork restoration.

Christ The King restoration. Potter Art Metal Studios of Dallas Tx
restoring the churches steeple cross which was originally built by
Richard Potter's grandfather in 1954.

written by: Izabela Wojcik

Glass Sconce adorned with antique copper design work.

The entire piece is custom made; from the glass to the copper buttons; this is what we do. We can make sconces like this in any size, color, or ornamental variations. For a sleek contemporary home, we can let the glass speak for itself, with maybe a square button, or we can completely cover the face of the glass with ornamental design work for an Italian home... the end product is up to you.

written by: Izabela Wojcik