Tuesday, June 11, 2013

An XClussive Garage to Die For!

I've seen some pretty impressive homes with quite the impressive garages attached to them, but Lamond Jack of XClussiveGarage certainly takes custom luxury garage design to the next level!  On top of his gigantic, ultra elaborate garages, he's currently working on two parking spaces in Brooklyn NY.

This sounds like absolutely not a big deal, right?  Well, the two parking spaces inside the Brooklyn condominium building are going to get quite the treatment!  Venetian plaster, limestone stamped overlay on concrete, crown moldings, artwork on the walls, our beautiful lanterns, and the list just keeps going...  My job? Designing the ornamental metal partition which will protect the contents of the parking spaces, plus two gates, behind which Lamond's client will safely park his exotic cars.

Great news!  Lamond loved my design, but the gates still have to be approved by the condominium board... we're all keeping our fingers, toes, legs and eyes crossed!  I'm really excited about the entire idea!  Plus, Lamond put a huge smile on my face when he wrote "...If they don't then we will submit it to other clients.  I would hate to see a Wojcik design not be produced! too beautiful!"

Here is the before:

Here is a taste of what will happen happen in the space:

And hopefully, soon, I will post the actual space!

Before you go, I've got some eye candy for you by XClussive Garage:

written by:  Izabela Wojcik
Your personal ornamental metalwork and lighting designer
at Potter Art Metal Studios in Dallas, TX.