Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Perfect Pair: picking your interior designer

chandelier Beverly and I designed for one of
her past clients

"Someone once asked me what my style was, and I said I have no style" [Beverly Travis.]  Such a wonderful quote, as Beverly's style happens to be what ever her client's style is.

Interior designer, Beverly Travis, has got to be one of the most caring designers out there.  She is extremely in tune with her client's needs.  She listens to what her client wants and gives them exactly what they have asked for, with proper and careful guiding of course.

I have recently put together a design for one of her client's fireplace screens, pictured below, and we set up a meeting to iron out the wrinkles.
Beverly made sure that her client understood the entire process of custom metalwork, showed her all the different possibilities in our showroom, and made sure that she was as clear as possible about the entire design.   I really like and respect that.  A few things were added to the design at that point, a few were taken away, and we perfected the overall look and feel of what her client wanted right there at the showroom table.

There are different types of designers out there, and different types of client personalities.  It makes me very happy when the two are very compatible.  Before picking a designer, always make sure to interview several and pick the one that works for you.  Some designers have a very distinct style, so if you love their style, they're the ones for you.  Some designers, like Beverly, can work in any style and each one looks fabulous, so they can work with your distinct style.  Beverly interviews her clients before she takes on a job, and I have to say that so far, every single pair was a total pleasure to work with.

fireplace screen design for Beverly Travis
final version of the fireplace screen

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

stelladallas knows how to groove!

stelladallas knows how to groove! You get a burst of happiness as soon as you walk through the door! Talk about a modern and colorful twist on home furnishings and accessories. If you love color, this is the place for you! Interior decorator Lisa Lowe felt like she was in candy land... as soon as she walked into one of the back rooms she knew it was a clear vision of her dream sunroom.
Top left: Lisa and Richard Potter
Top right: I snagged the owner of stelladallas, Amber Frazee, for a little photo
Bottom Middle: DJ Lucy Wrubel in the house! I keep running into her, she's great!

Thanks for the invite Shanan! You little Luxe cutie, you! —

written by: Izabela Wojcik

DHome Party at Nest

DHome Blog is turning ONE!
So, what should ONE do about it? I celebrated the day with Dallas’ top tastemakers, designers, and lifestyle bloggers!
The event took place at Nest, a swanky little place off McKinney.

I ran into Brynn Bagot, the most awesome PR girl in town!

I also met the lovely Jan Strimple, who is super passionate about fighting AIDS; we chatted about the very worthy cause as well as a few other topics. She's so cute:) For those of you immersed in the world of fashion, yes, it is that Jan! She's walked the world's most glamorous fashion shows and is a real supermodel indeed. These days she produces the hottest of the hottest fashion events in town and beyond, including New York's Fashion Week. Pretty cool, ey?

written by: Izabela Wojcik