Friday, October 7, 2011

Princi | Italia: Contemporary Ironwork

What do you think of when you hear Potter Art Metal Studios?  Most will say Old Wolrd custom metalwork.  It's a fact that we are known for the fancy and the elaborate, but we like to switch things up and get our hands into contemporary projects too.  At the end of the day, it's just metal, and the final look depends simply on what you do with it.  I happen to have an appreciation for all styles, and simply adore working on new things; it's fun to switch things up!

Our latest contemporary project? Princi | Italia (located at the NW corner Preston Road and Royal Lane in Dallas)

We worked on the iron doors, windows and the pergolas ...everything looks mighty good!  I think I'm going to stop by for a cup of coffee and a plate of something delicious tonight.

iron pergolas for Princi | Italia
custom contemporary iron doors
for Princi | Italia
custom iron doors, windows, and pergolas at Princi | Italia

written by: Izabela Wojcik