Saturday, February 23, 2013

Western Style Vent-A-Hood in Copper

I just got back from my ski trip; Whistler was beautiful! ...but back to my story...
The first thing I did was run to the back to see the progress being made on an awesome copper hood we're working on for designer Neal Stewart... and let me tell you! Progress has been made!  It looks fabulous!!!

It's a six sided hood, which will hang over a fire pit inside a bunk house, where real live cowboys will do what ever real live cowboys do.

We repousse'd a leaping bronco with a cowboy holding on for his dear life into each of the sides, as well as given the copper plenty of cool textures.  The wrought iron straps are also hand hammered and adorned with hundreds of hammer heads.  And check out that chimney!

It's about 80% done, and I can't wait to show off the pics when it's all done!

written by: Izabela Wojcik