Friday, January 11, 2013

Beautiful Wrought Iron Hinges

custom made wrought iron hinge strap for a wine room, made by Potter Art Metal Studios of Dallas, TX. Designed by Izabela Wojcik.

I know I posted this wine room door before, but I just had a chat with one of our clients about hinges, and went digging for this photo to show off our craftsmanship.  Since I have not looked at it in quite a while, I received a new burst of impressed and thought I should really share the closeup of this beautiful 3-D wine room hinge with all of my wonderful blog readers!  As you can see, hinge straps are not restricted to just flat pieces of metal, and in the world of custom metalwork anything is possible.  I love thinking out of the box!
Neat bit of info: This wine room door was created for the oldest winery in North America.  We hand forged the entire piece right here in Dallas, Texas, and had it shipped and installed on an island in Canada.

written by: Izabela Wojcik