Monday, January 30, 2012

World-class metalwork made by a local legacy: D Home Design Book 2012

Potter Art Metal Studios.
World-class metalwork made by a local legacy.

To tour the Potter family's body of work in Dallas - the intricate, wrought iron gates, copper awnings, and brass lanterns - is to discover the history of the city itself. Four generations worth of craftsmanship adorns the city's oldest churches, guards the most beautiful homes, and lights the grounds of Fair Park. Using the same traditional methods Richard Potter's grandfather used in the 1920's, Potter, creative director Izabela Wojcik, and the team of artisans design and hand-forge the highest quality metalwork in the world. From sconces and chandeliers to stair railings and furniture, the array of unique items Potter Art metal Studios can create is limitless. For example, the "fandelier" - a modern solution to a common design dilemma - is a ceiling fan concealed within a stunning chandelier structure. "It's all custom-made, not mass-produced," says Richard Potter. "Everything we do is refined, finished, and detailed." And to that end, the Potter studio invites everyone to visit the Design District shop to see today's master craftsmen at work. 

Potter Art Metal Studios
4827 Memphis Street | Dallas
D Home Design Book 2012
page 24 - Design Materials and Services.