Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pine Cone Chandelier

Hand forged by
Potter Art Metal Studios of Dallas.
©All Rights Reserved.

We have so many interior designers and clients alike, especially in the Colorado area, looking for "something elegant, yet rustic and outdoorsy instead of cheap and cheesy" for their beautiful homes and cottages.

I have designed this beautiful hand wrought iron chandelier, adorned with pine cones and needles, with these individuals in mind.

The texture on the branches is skillfully executed for a very life-like appearance.  Each pine cone and needle is individually forged and therefor no one is like the other.  As in nature, some are closed, partially and totally open.  We have tried to capture the exquisite feeling of outdoor wide open spaces and bring it inside, where you feel the luxurious and cozy sense of a well designed and executed space.

Potter Art Metal Studios designs and hand forges anything you can dream of:

We Wish You All A Happy New Year!

written by: Izabela Wojcik